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Supply and demand of all type of products of the Indian and European Market.

Agriculture, cattle ranch and fish
Animals, Fruits and vegetables, Horticulture, Cereals.

Industry of the telecommunications
Telecommunications, Audio-visual means, Ofimática

Drinks, Congealed foods, Conserves, Milky products, Bread and pies, Meat

Electrical equipment and electronic
Electricity, Lighting system, Household-electric, Components

Energy and raw materials
Energy, Stones, Raw materials.

Paper and cardboard.
Raw materials, Finished products, Packing

Metallurgy and work of the metal
Metals, Work of the metal, Plates and tubes, Tools, Elaborated products.

Leather and footwear
Leather, Leather shop, Footwear

Mechanical construction - machines
Agriculture, Environment, Metals, Construction, Manutención, Feeding, Motors and pieces

Textile industries and dressing
Weaves, Clothes, Accessories, House

Automobiles, Industrial vehicles, Aeronautics, Boats

The press and edition
The press, Edition, Electronics

Chemistry and pharmacy
Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Derived products

Products several
Sports, Games and leisure, Jewelry shop, Gifts, Packing

Rubber and plastics
Rubber, Plastic, Packing.

Highway, Air, Sea, Transport services

Wood and furniture
Wood, Domestic furniture and professional

Trips of businesses
Hotels, Halls, Displacements

Public construction and works
Construction public, Works, Materials.

Communication and publicity
Marketing, Publicity, Information

Glass and materials for the construction
Glass, Materials, Ceramics

Bank and finances
Organizations of credit, Insurances

Material of precision
Measurement, Optics, Health, Jewelry store

Computers, Software, Peripherals

Diverse consultancy and services for the companies
Consultancy professional, Organisms, Formation, Translation