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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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1. Open your company or business to new emergent markets.
2. Pursuit of the commercial operations advising the trustworthiness of the companies involves. *
3. Expansion of the limits of sale of your company.
4. Increase your sales.

Pursuit of the commercial operations:

The European Indian Official Chamber of Commerce & Industry in ahead CCIEI, develops its activities under two forms of performance, as the CONSULTING and as promoter of operations of TRADE INTERNATIONAL.

CCIEI, collaborates with Indians Companies who wish to be implanted, single or in form of mixed Companies with some local partner, in Europe or some of the countries members of the European Union, where the general manufacture "in situ" and conditions even allow a easier access them to different markets from the area and, to the European Union.

The work of Consultancy that offers CCIEI composes of an ample fan of possibilities where, after to have identified and to have studied the options that better can satisfy the interests with the Promoter, this it can choose, "à la carte", those that better agrees to him based on its necessities.

The proposed program goes, from a simple "Study of Market", to the integral coordination of the project to develop, happening through: analysis of market, "Study of viability", preselection of the potential partners, "Financial Project", global coordination of the Project, instrumentation of the credits, request of the supplies of the equipment, writing of the Contract and its negotiation, the provision of the equipment, its assembly and beginning, etc..., so that the Promoter continues dedicating itself to which is its main activity, and leans in CCIEI to create their new front of combat operations.

CCIEI has work like consultant in ALL the European COUNTRIES.

CCIEI IN FOREIGN TRADE works like "Intermediary" and others like "Manager", delegating to companies specialized based on the type of commercial operation that considers contributing, in all the cases, an added value important thanks to the experience, the rigorous professional approach and the methodology with which the projects are approached.

In this sector, during the last years, due to the evolution of the economic surroundings, where the increase of the outer competition and the reduction of benefits are the predominant tendency, CCIEI has specialized in the instrumentation of the financings that allow to conduct complex commercial operations, as well as in the design of strategies and sophisticated commercial techniques, such as the assembly of operations of compensation ("countertrade"), specially in those of the type of "related purchase" ("it counterpurchase"), and of industrial cooperation ("buy-back").

Also, CCIEI, organizes and participates in triangular operations, with provisions of products, and/or equipment, to third countries, orchestrating the national or international credits more adapted to finance these sales.

Where CCIEI, does not take part is in the operations that demand the participation in public licitations due, indeed, to our ample experience in this type of commercial expositions