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Insurances, covers of risk.

Your export operations will be protected by obtaining an international credit policy therefore an ample cover.

Risk of temporary character

1. - Insolvencies in fact and of right.
2. - Refusal of the importer to retire the merchandise without cause that justifies it.

Risks of political and extraordinary character.

1. - Impossibility of collection by special measures adopted by the Authority of the country of the Indebted one, when the transference had been affected the currency of the country.
2. - Insolvency in fact or of Indebted right of as a result of war, the revolution, shaken or any similar event, or circumstances of catastrophic or extraordinary character.
3. - Insolvency in fact or of right like direct consequence of an economic crisis or of balance of payments of exceptional gravity or of a devaluation that originates a situation of insolvency generalized of the country of the Indebted one.
4. - Course of 6 months from the non-payment when the Indebted one is recognized like public buyer.

(*) Administrate by: European Indian Official Chamber of Commerce & Industry - (Department. GESCAM) - Address:
Avenida de Europa, 14
Parque Empresarial La Moraleja
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(*) Subject to the approval on the part of the banking and/or insuring organization.

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Insurances and reinsurance of international political and commercial risks

Our Chamber collaborates with a Group of insuring Societies and underwriters in the European scope SERVICES OF INSURANCES and REINSURANCE having with each one of them a concrete objective within the structure. The aim that we looked for is the specialization of each society being able to supply the best services in economic terms, of guarantee and security for the client.

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