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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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The CCIEI Free Zone Office manages those properties entrusted to it through a management contract. This service can be of a limited nature that involves just being “listed”-finding clients for the owner, or it can be full service property management which includes deposits and record keeping. Our office is always aware of rental opportunities.

As a part of our services, CCIEI-FZO also provides match up with clients who want retail or wholesale space, or those who are offering such space. This service makes it easier for the owner to find tenants. If additional services are required for security or cleaning, FZO can refer the investor to the authorized service providers within the free zone.

CCIEI FZO is an authorized seller of homes near the International Free Zone. These Villas homes require standard mortgage criteria. If investors want to live in other sites, CCIEI FZO can also refer them to other options.

Free Zone Office acts as a facility or property manager, as liaison between
landlord and tenant and offers the following services:

    * Accepting Rent
    * Obtaining Property Appraisals
    * Responding to and addressing Maintenance Issues
    * Advertising Vacancies for landlord
    * Doing Credit and Background Checks on tenants
    * Managing small construction, remodeling, development, and repair on properties
    * Liaison with tenants, contractors and insurance agencies
    * Doing Title Searches, Conveyances, Releases and Registration of Titles
    * Paying Taxes on behalf of the client
    * Perfecting Issues on surveys, lotification and transfers, with third parties