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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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Contracting your maintenance services keep your costs down. Let CCIEI-FZO coordinate your services so there is only one call you need to make or one invoice you need to pay.

Keep your establishment looking clean and fresh. Office cleaning and landscaping should be done by professionals. In addition to property management services which deals with contracts for electrical, HVAC, plumbing and other issues, CCIEI-FZO offers maintenance in lawn care, carpet, upholstery, janitorial services, air duct cleaning, and the up keep of business parks, shopping centers, hospitals, and businesses within free zones.

Minimize the down time spent with issues of safety, health, labor regulations and other related costs in the area of maintenance. Let us assist you in achieivng your business goals while keeping down your costs.

Our maintenance services include a variety of the following:

    * Office Cleaning
    * Plants Up Keep
    * Garbage Bins and Disposal
    * Waste Maintenance
    * Landscaping
    * Signs Placement and Up Keep
    * Power Wash and Repainting
    * Rug Cleaning