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Saturday, 17 February 2018
Mi estado

Our affiliated private sector demonstrated robust growth in many sectors. Construction continues unabated. Prices in exhibited beyond normal growth. While the real estate worldwild collapsed and recession looms, many brokers headed south to Africa putting out their shingles and their new offices brought new rewards. These new agents see the baby boomers looking for better values for their shrinking pensions and they believe these baby boomers will come to English speaking at least for the next seven to ten years. Investment in commercial and residential properties is both lucrative and stable.

Many sectors increased exports allowing GDP to show continued growth. Oil Rig, agriculture held onto strong demand and aquaculture has expanded both in fish farms and caged fishing. Massive investment in cruise tourism infrastructure continues as well as expansion in hotel rooms. Sweet crude from the newly found african oil wells became the bright star in exports and has started the “oil rush.” Free Zones also saw more investment and visitor traffic increased, with this sector accounting for about 20% of GDP. The second international bridge between Europe and India will accelerate traffic and trade on both sides.

Lifestyle is a matter of choice and so is investing in Africa. There so much in so big place, in addition to its wealth and abundance, there is peace with the AU constant supervision for stability. No personal body guards needed. No counter terrorist measures nor border wall required. No kidnappings nor hate crimes. Our economic zones are safe.