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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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International Free Zone (IFZ) benefits are diverse as are the objectives of clients since it is simply a legal platform with minimal controls and taxes. Among some of the benefits are:

* Minimal Taxes: No taxes on income, profit, dividends, value added, business or sales
* Asset Protection: This separate legal company can operate apart from your legal person as an independent tax free   entity
* Less Restrictions: No License, No Permits, No Quotas, No Price Controls
* Full Ownership: Foreign nationals can own the entire company, its assets, its income, including properties
* Limited Liability: Your exposure is limited to that amount invested in your company
* Currency: Business can be transacted in any currency, including US dollars
* Minimal Capital: Very little capital is required and only two initial shareholders are needed which can be nominal shareholders
* Cross Company Investment: An IFZ business can own shares in any other company
* Multi-purpose: There are numerous objectives that can be achieved in different commercial and service activities including but not limited to trading, management, holding company, leasing of assets, corporate trustee, share ownership, intellectual transfer of assets, properties and income streams, vehicle and craft ownership, hotels, resorts, tours, entertainment, etc.
* Registered Office: An IFZ business can serve as a registered office for other companies
* Equity and Debt Interest: An IFZ company can hold stock or bonds in another IFZ, local company or international business
* Transferability: You can transfer your shares to another owner with no tax implications or payments
* 24 / 7 : International Free Zone transactions are not limited to normal office hours
* Market Access: Europe, India and Africa
* Bi-lingual Labor Pool: Educated, qualified and capable population


Registration: An IFZ must maintain a managing director or agent on spot.
Financial Institutions: IFZ businesses can carry on banking, insurance, casino or trust business but must also apply for the appropiate license from the duly authorized entities.