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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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CCIEI Free Zone Office (CCIEI-FZO) offers expertise that a pro-active and market opportunity seeking company can use to develop and enter new product distribution and new market segments whether selling a good or service. CCIEI provides a number of necessary services to the free zone business community and offshore sectors.

CCIEI-FZO is acting as adviser and as leading service provider for start-ups entering the free zone industry in Banjul and in the region. Our organization is a key part of international offshore trade market and is generally the first contact point which acts as a one stop shop for investors. We have recommended the registration of hundreds of companies both local and international offshore tax free status operating as free zone businesses. Our initiatives have been across board in scope and depth. Some of our clients are on the cutting edge of new business models using new technologies while others are expanding in traditional commerce but new markets.

Our team is committed, innovative and resourceful in providing strategic support, giving our clients a competitive edge. We are currently in a lucrative market in an expanding regional economy of South-South Cooperation. The current trend towards increase taxation has inflated prices across borders and is forcing entrepreneurs to seek operating platforms that lower their costs and increase demand for their product and service, thereby making them competitive.

Set Up Business in Banjul Africa.

In those sites, there is no restrictions on foreign capital ownership and a tax free zone business only requires a minimum of two directors. There are very few restrictions on the types of business that operate within free zones, since a free zone since it's considered a legal.

The CCIEI-International Free Zone (CCIEI-IFZ) located in Gambia provides a tax free platform from which business can operate.