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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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The Immigration Laws governs the entry of investors and workers to the country. The Free Zone Law allows directors, shareholders, managers and technical personnel entry once established as part of a free zone company.

CCIEI Free Zone Office can assist clients with resumes from potential employees. Normally our offices are approached by applicants and files are maintained of those who want to work within the free zone. When particular applicants are needed, CCIEI FZO can provide preliminary tests to classify their level of skill. A special “temp”, temporary employee is also available for those seeking short term employees.

Our offices deals with health, safety and labor regulations to ensure a balanced outcome for employer and employees.

Our immigration and employment services include a variety of the following:

    * Resume Pool
    * Screening and Classification
    * Testing and Preliminary Interviews
    * Labor cost estimates and scales
    * Temporary Placement
    * Permanent Placement
    * Work Permits and Extensions