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Saturday, 17 February 2018
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Our offices assist the start-up business with filing requirements, work permits, share transfers, records searches, corporate minute book, resolution formats, registrations, corporate annual returns and other issues for companies operating within our free zone area. CCIE-FZO does not offer accounting, auditing, MIS and invoice services, but it can refer investors to those authorized to do so in the free zone.

Each investor interested in operating a free zone business needs to a have a limited liability company prepared as a part of the application process. CCIE-FZO does this, as well as assist in business name registration and other requirements an investor may have.

We offer a 24 hours turn around on the application for the International Free Zone and our offices also assists in speedy turn around time for other free zones. Our office is more like a one-stop shop for all basic needs an investor may have when entering a free zone. These services shorten the time wasted by start-ups.

Simple steps to get your company started

1. Choose company name and name of a minimum of two directors
2. Allocate percentage of ownership of share capital of initial shareholders
3. Pay CCIEI-FZO for company registration and IFZ application

Simple steps to start a Free Zone Business

   1. Have CCIEI-FZO assist in submitting signed application to International Free Zone
   2. Complete Business Plan interview with CCIEI-FZO
   3. Board Resolution to start business (Signed and Sealed by Secretary)
   4. Letter of appointment of Manager (Signed and Sealed by Secretary)
   5. Company’s Copy of Manager’s passport and Manager’s signature
   6. Company’s Resolution of appointment of directors
   7. Company Resolution of Bank, Legal Representative and Accounting Firm
   8. Sign IFZ Operations Contract
   9. Sign Free Zone Business and Developers Agreement
  10. Obtain importer’s Customs number
  11. Obtain necessary ID passes for directors and employees